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Matchpeg provides small tools that make a big difference to your working life. Whether you are a business owner, team manager or team member we’ll help you to get things done in your organisation better than ever before.

We have many years' experience of running businesses and working in all sizes of organisation. We know how important it is for teams to work well in order to achieve great results. Therefore we’ve turned our experience into solving common business frustrations – the challenges which all teams face regardless of the country or industry they work in.

Matchpeg is based in the UK, but our users come from many countries including America, Canada, across Europe, South Africa and Australia.

Running an international service for leading companies around the world takes a lot more than good ideas. All Matchpeg software has been built by our in-house team of developers drawing on our years of experience delivering high quality tools to business clients. You can expect regular enhancements, added functionality, and new tools over the months and years to come.

The technology is hosted on dedicated servers in a state-of-the-art hosting centre in London’s Docklands, backed up by high capacity bandwidth to achieve the very best performance. Our platform is monitored constantly to ensure that the service remains in peak condition.

Matchpeg runs over a secure connection, and your firm’s data is kept carefully segmented from other customers. We check that our technology follows security best-practices, and we regularly invest in security audits by experts in their field.

Finally, we’re passionate about delivering great tools that add value to your business. But that’s only half the story. If you are to become a proud Matchpeg user who wants to tell others about what we do then we have to ensure we fully appreciate what great service means to you.

This is something we take very seriously. We care about the results you get from using our tools but, from a service perspective, your experience and the way we make you feel is what really counts.

So please do let us know what would make your Matchpeg experience even better.

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