Matchpeg Brainstorming

Matchpeg Brainstorming

Collect better ideas in less time. Work more democratically and effectively. Bring out the best in your team.

Matchpeg Brainstorming collects better ideas from your team. Everyone types in their suggestions on the chosen topic. Then everyone gives a score to each idea. Finally, the system collates the most popular suggestions and publishes an automatic transcript and reports.

Sessions can be given a time limit, or run as open-ended discussion boards. Sessions can also be made anonymous so that junior or shy team members aren't shouted down by the office loudmouth.

View a tour of all the features of Matchpeg Brainstorming
View a tour of all the features of Matchpeg Brainstorming
  • Everyone gets an equal voice
  • Everyone gets an equal vote
  • Create timed or open-ended sessions
  • Sessions can be anonymous
  • Get to the good ideas fast
  • Learn more about your team with Matchpeg's narcissism and generosity ratings
  • 100% web-based: nothing gets installed on your computer

Team building and evaluation

Matchpeg Brainstorming is more than just a way of generating great ideas. Canny managers use it to see how well their team works together, regardless of the topic being discussed. The system reports on participant activity: find out who's most supportive of other people's ideas, and who's keenest on the sound of their own voice.

Democracy in action

It's harder for more extrovert types to "shout down" shyer participants (or more junior members of staff) when everyone can type at the same time.

Sessions can be made anonymous. You can prevent participants from seeing who's the author of each idea.

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Get a free trial of all Matchpeg's products
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