Matchpeg Meetings

Matchpeg Meetings

A straightforward, elegant, web-based tool which prepares, manages, and gets better results from your meetings.

Matchpeg Meetings prepares, manages, and gets results from meetings. The software is entirely web-based. Nothing gets installed on your computer.

You continue to run meetings in your usual way, whether face-to-face or over the internet. Matchpeg Meetings helps you to structure them better, record the minutes, and make sure that action points get completed. It makes meetings work.

View a tour of all the features of Matchpeg Meetings
View a tour of all the features of Matchpeg Meetings
  • Reduce meeting time by 20% or more
  • Simple, effective team collaboration
  • Create an agenda and distribute it
  • Automatically collect input on the agenda
  • Distribute quick, clear, concise minutes
  • Keep on top of action points
  • Put unfinished items on the next agenda
  • Instant team reporting
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook

Make sure every meeting is effective, efficient, and professional

Effortlessly write minutes that people read, and distribute action points that get done. Start every meeting with everyone up to speed with the agenda and action points. Your team will thank you for respecting their valuable time and running shorter meetings that really work.

Track action points

Action points never get lost. You simply record in the minutes who's responsible for each item. Each participant can log in to see their own list of action points; you can send out reminders; and there's peer-pressure because everyone can easily see the status of all actions in the meeting.

Who runs meetings effectively? Who gets things done?

Matchpeg Meetings has instant management reporting which tells you who's got uncompleted action points, how quickly each person completes their actions, and how effective each meeting organiser is: whether their meetings run to time, and how good they are at making sure that action points happen.

Get a free trial of all Matchpeg's products

Get a free trial of all Matchpeg's products
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