The Matchpeg plug-in for Outlook

Matchpeg's plug-in reads meetings into your Outlook calendar, and lets you process action points and workflow items from Outlook's Tasks list.

Matchpeg's plug-in for Microsoft Outlook is part of a suite of off-line tools, and seamlessly integrates Matchpeg's Meetings and Workflow tools with Outlook:

  • Download meetings from Matchpeg into your Outlook calendar.
  • Automatically file agendas and minutes against appointments in Outlook.
  • Update the progress of meeting action points from Outlook's Tasks list.
  • Edit meeting minutes off-line, and then upload them into Matchpeg when finished.
  • Process workflow items from Outlook's Tasks list.
  • Schedule meetings using Outlook in the usual way, and then click on one button to add the meeting to Matchpeg.
  • Log in to Matchpeg with a single click.

The plug-in creates a new toolbar in Outlook's main window, with options for downloading meetings and tasks, and for going directly to pages in Matchpeg without needing to log in.

The plug-in also creates a new toolbar in the window for each Outlook appointment and task which is related to an item in Matchpeg. You can mark meeting actions or workflow items as complete, or update their status, and you can go directly to the item's details in Matchpeg by clicking one button.

For example, the plug-in potentially means that only a meeting organiser needs to use the Matchpeg website. Everyone else can participate solely from Outlook, without logging in to Matchpeg: the meeting is automatically added to each person's calendar, the agenda and minutes are automatically filed against the appointment in Outlook, and people can update their progress on meeting action points from Outlook's Tasks list.

Other off-line tools

The plug-in is part of a suite of off-line tools. Although the main focus is Outlook integration, the suite provides other functionality as well.

The suite of off-line tools also includes a standalone application for editing meeting minutes off-line without needing a copy of Microsoft Outlook. Simply download and install the tools using the link below, and then edit meeting minutes off-line using the shortcut under on the Windows Start menu.

In addition, the suite contains a tool for creating Matchpeg user accounts from contacts in Outlook. Rather than setting up new user accounts for your colleagues manually, use this tool to create accounts for them automatically by uploading their details from Outlook.

Download the off-line tools

Registered users of Matchpeg can download the off-line tools using the link below. (If you have not yet registered, there's no point downloading the tools - they won't do anything. Please sign up for a free trial first.)

We recommend that you save the installer to disk, and then run it from there. If necessary, the plug-in can be uninstalled in the usual way, by going to the Control Panel and choosing Add/Remove Programs (or "Programs and Features" in Vista).

The off-line tools require Windows 2000 or later, and Microsoft Outlook 2000 or later (unless you are only using the off-line minutes editor, which does not require a copy of Outlook).

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