Matchpeg Workflow

Matchpeg Workflow

Automate everything from purchase requests to project initiation. Wave goodbye to paper forms.

Matchpeg Workflow handles everything from straightforward task delegation, holiday requests, expenses, and purchase orders, to complex workflows such as initiating large projects.

You define your business processes, such as how to handle a purchase request. People fill in the information which you have asked for. Work is passed from person to person in an orderly fashion, and everyone sticks to the correct process. The system tells you the current status of everything, and helps you to identify bottlenecks in your business.

View a tour of all the features of Matchpeg Workflow
View a tour of all the features of Matchpeg Workflow
  • Share information & tasks without paper
  • Design business processes, not forms
  • Automatically allocate work within a team
  • Monitor the workload of team members
  • Identify & eliminate bottlenecks in your business
  • Simple, flexible, and cost-effective
  • 100% browser-based. No installation.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook

One system, many uses

You can define as many workflows as you like, to improve the efficiency of your business processes or just to make sure processes which already work stay working.

No form design

Many workflow systems fail because users spend all their time designing forms, not business processes. Matchpeg Workflow has no form designer. Users choose the information which needs to be provided to drive a process, and they define the steps which make up the process, but they simply aren't allowed to waste time re-arranging fields and playing with colours.


Learn how to use one simple system to handle all your workflow needs, rather than lots of expensive systems which are too complex to deliver results.

Information is reassurance

Why do your colleagues loathe the HR, finance, and IT departments? Because information disappears into them, never to be seen again.

Have my expenses been approved? Can I go ahead and book that holiday? What's happening about the request to purchase that gizmo which I really need to do my job? Why hasn't my computer been fixed yet? These are all questions which Matchpeg Workflow can answer: users always have access to the current status of items they've created.

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Get a free trial of all Matchpeg's products
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