Matchpeg's Affiliate scheme

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Welcome to the Matchpeg Affiliate programme. You can earn an ongoing passive income by introducing others to the great benefits of using Matchpeg.

We recognise that you're doing us a valuable service so we've made it easy for you to act as an introducer and receive commission every time they pay to use Matchpeg's services.

Becoming an Affiliate is quick and easy

  • Instant sign-up
  • No sign-up or any other fees: we pay you
  • Generous commission rates
  • Ongoing commissions up to 3 years
  • Two-tier commissions
  • Real-time tracking
  • Marketing support
  • Sign up as a Matchpeg Affiliate

How does it work?

  1. You register as an Affiliate.
  2. You tell your friends, business associates and work colleagues about Matchpeg.
  3. They sign up to use Matchpeg.
  4. You are automatically credited as the affiliate.
  5. You receive commission whenever they pay to use Matchpeg services.

You can also promote Matchpeg using free links, banners and email templates. Why not give us a mention on your website, newsletter or blog?

What will I earn?

The standard terms are 20% cash commission on all payments made during the first 12 months they use Matchpeg. Even more attractive rates of commission are available for Affilliates who introduce larger numbers of people.

Why should I join?

  • Matchpeg is one of the fastest growing sites offering the very best team working tools for businesses.
  • Once people see the benefits of Matchpeg's tools they tend to use them on a regular basis.
  • Generate more money from your existing website, blog, newsletter or distribution channel.
  • We take great care in ensuring that you are credited as the source for all your introductions.
  • If people you introduce to Matchpeg then do the same you will earn from their introductions as well.
  • Marketing support banners, email templates and much more.

How do I start?

Join the Matchpeg Affiliate program today, and start earning each and every time your referrals use Matchpeg.

Complete the short application form, start telling people about Matchpeg, and start earning money!

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