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Fast and secure web-based software for running your business better. Small tools that make a big difference to your working life.

Find out more about Matchpeg MeetingsMatchpeg Meetings

A straightforward, elegant, web-based tool which prepares, manages, and gets results from meetings.
  • Reduce meeting time by 20% or more
  • Simple, effective team collaboration
  • Create an agenda and distribute it
  • Automatically get input on the agenda
  • Distribute quick, clear, concise minutes
  • Keep on top of action points
  • Instant team reporting
Create agendas from templates, distribute minutes, keep on top of actions, and spend less time in meetings. Find out more about Matchpeg Meetings.

Find out more about Matchpeg BrainstormingMatchpeg Brainstorming

Collect better ideas from your team in less time. Get votes on each idea, and publish an instant transcript and reports.
  • Collect ideas, and then vote on them
  • Everyone gets an equal voice
  • Everyone gets an equal vote
  • Create timed or open-ended sessions
  • Sessions can be anonymous
  • Get to the good ideas fast
  • Learn more about your team
Collect ideas from your team, vote on them, and get an automatic transcript and reports. Improve your group brainstorming. Find out more about Matchpeg Brainstorming.

Find out more about Matchpeg WorkflowMatchpeg Workflow

Automate everything from purchase requests to project initiation. Wave goodbye to paper forms.
  • Share information/tasks without paper
  • Design business processes, not forms
  • Automatically share work within a team
  • Monitor the load on team members
  • Identify & eliminate bottlenecks
  • Simple, flexible, and cost-effective
  • 100% browser-based

Find out more about Matchpeg's plug-in for OutlookOutlook integration

Matchpeg's products integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook:
  • Download meetings into your Outlook calendar
  • File minutes automatically against appointments
  • Update actions from your Tasks list
  • Edit meeting minutes off-line
  • Process workflow items
  • Log in to Matchpeg automatically
Find out more about Matchpeg's plug-in for Outlook
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Other tools

Anti-decompilation and licensing for Metatrader indicators and Expert Advisors. Prevent your EX4 files being copied between computers, and protect them against prying eyes.

Matchpeg also provides the following free tools which have helped us in running our own business:

Automatically generate phrase- and exact-match keyword lists for Google Adwords.
Web-based and command-line tools for working with the Flexiscale platform.
Beat the addiction (and get back to work). Instant solutions to Sudoku puzzles.
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